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How do I get rid of and prevent bad breath (halitosis) from recurring? PRO-SYS Tongue Cleaners remove food, bacteria, plaque and other causes of malodor on the tongue to promote a healthier, happier mouth. This tongue scraper, in conjunction with proper brushing using an electric toothbrush and water flosser, promotes fresh breath and more.  5 cleaners included. Assorted color variety.

How to clean your tongue

  1. Place three-ridged side of scraper on tongue surface, towards back of tongue. Always start in back. If not comfortable, start halfway.
  2. Gently move scraper away from you, towards tip of tongue, washing scraper tip each time. Repeat until entire surface cleaned.
  3. Clean tongue cleaner with soap and water.


  • Helps remove coating on tongue that is a source of bad breath symptoms
  • Removes toxins, food particles, bacteria, plaque and more from the tongue surface
  • Cleans taste buds to enhance sense of taste
  • Promotes overall oral and digestive physical well-being

Sold as a pack of 5 cleaners.



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