JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tip

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With the JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tip, your water flosser switches into a nasal irrigation system. These jet tips act as a non-invasive way to help relieve symptoms of sinus problems, clear up allergens that get through nostrils, and unclog minor congestion from the common cold.

At a Glance Benefits

  • Clears nasal passages and sinuses
  • Comfortable in the nose
  • Excellent for congestion and allergy sufferers

Product Information

  • Two nasal tips included in one pack

Trying to figure out where to buy replacement nasal tips for your water flosser? PRO-SYS® has your back. We offer JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tips, available in packs of 2 for your convenience.


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tip?

    For relief from nasal congestion and minor sinus problems, use the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tip with your water flosser. Here’s why:

    Comfortable to Use

    Clogged nasal passageways can impede a person’s breathing and bring them discomfort. For quality water jet replacement tips that focus on comfort, turn to PRO-SYS® JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tip. The flosser tips‘ soft rubber cone is gentle on your nostrils, bringing you quick relief without any pain or distress.

    Effectively Helps Clear Sinuses and Nasal Passageways

    Whenever you’re experiencing difficulty breathing due to common cold, the JetFloss Nasal Replacement Tip on your water flosser can help provide comfort. These jet tips can help clear away mucus and allergens.

    Deals With Allergens in a Non-Invasive Way

    Although there are many types of nasal irrigation tools, using water flossers with nasal jet tips can be the most straightforward and most non-invasive method for minor cases. Simply insert the end inside your nostril, set the water flosser to a comfortable pressure, and allow the fluid to clear your sinus cavities.


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