JetFloss™ Periodontal Replacement Tip

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Inadequate brushing and flossing habits can lead to periodontal disease, damaging the gums, and requiring thorough daily care at home. Using a water flosser with a periodontal tip may be necessary to help treat this infection and improve your gum health. Take charge of your gum health through the JetFloss replacement tip from PRO-SYS® today!

At a Glance Benefits

  • Helps treat periodontal disease
  • Provides a deep clean you can feel
  • Improves your overall gum health

 Product Information

  • Two periodontal replacement tips included in one pack

If you’re figuring out where to buy a periodontal tip, you’re bound to find the periodontal replacement tip that meets your needs with PRO-SYS®.


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Periodontal Replacement Tip?

    Keeping your gums healthy is important, which is why the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Periodontal Replacement Tip was made. Here’s what this product can do for you:

    Perfect for Deep Cleaning

    Periodontal pockets create deep spaces that are challenging to clean even with frequent brushing, flossing, and rinsing. For a more thorough clean, using a periodontal replacement tip may be the solution. 

    No longer will you have to worry about missing areas in your mouth as you floss. With the JetFloss periodontal tip, you can reach deep into a periodontal pocket, massaging your gums with a refreshing sensation while cleaning out the possible buildup of harmful bacteria.

    Comfortable and Convenient Periodontal Pocket Treatment

    The goal of periodontal disease treatment is to prevent further destruction of the gums by cleaning out the teeth’s pockets. One helpful method to boost treatment is using a periodontal replacement tip in your daily oral care routine. With this simple device, you can improve your gum health in the comfort of your home.

    Recommended by Many Dental Professionals

    Depending on your periodontal pockets’ severity and depth, dentists may prescribe additional pocket reduction and gum tissue regenerative procedures. However, for effective cleaning and at-home care, many dental professionals recommend using a periodontal replacement tip.


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