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Patients want beautiful smiles with the shortest possible chair time and zero sensitivity. PRO-SYS® in-office whitening is the solution, combining the simplicity of one product with the versatility to satisfy virtually every patient. The ultimate win-win for your patients and practice.

  • Available in HP or CP in 35%, 22% and 16%
  • Efficient—just 20 minutes total treatment time
  • No sensitivity
  • Prefilled trays further reduce prep time
  • Combine with PRO-SYS® take-home kits for maintenance

Give your patients the professional quality products they need for a dazzling smile, plus something store brands can’t offer: your professional advice. PRO-SYS® take home whitening kits are the ideal solution for patients who don’t have time for in-office treatment, and also as highly effective maintenance following completion of in-office treatment.

  • Available in Regular and Extra Strength
  • Tray-based system
  • Refills and touch-up kits also available
  • Flexible—can be used daytime or nighttime
  • Patient instruction manual included with each kit

Custom imprinting available

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