Does Tooth Gel Work Better Than A Regular Toothpaste?

Consumers regard toothpaste as a necessary part of their daily oral care routine. Toothpaste was, in fact, the eighth leading health and beauty product category in the United States. It is, indeed, an in-demand and fast-moving product and consumers are spoilt for choice, with the several brands and variants on grocery aisles. 

But how do they know which one is worth their money? 

In this article, we’ll talk about the varying characteristics of a toothpaste and a tooth gel, and which gives you more bang for your buck. What’s more, we’ll also discuss other things you should consider when choosing the right brand for you.

Tooth gel and Toothpaste: What’s the Difference?

Toothpaste is a type of cleaning agent or dentifrice for the teeth. Its main component is fluoride. Fluoride is an active ingredient in toothpaste that strengthens the tooth enamel to prevent tooth decay.

A conventional toothpaste has a solid color and thicker texture. The product creates more foam and has a mintier flavor, that’s why more consumers prefer it. This effect tends to give a cleaner feel to the user.

On the other hand, gel toothpaste is made from silica, which gives it a glassy appearance and smooth texture. It is also less abrasive, which is why it creates less foam and splatter. Compared to a paste, tooth gel has a less minty aftertaste.

The table below summarizes the differences between the two:

AppearanceSolid in colorTranslucent
TasteMintierLess mint flavor
AbrasivenessCreates more foamProduces less foam

Tooth gel and Toothpaste: Which Should You Choose?

Deciding whether to use toothpaste or tooth gel depends on personal preference. However, it’s advisable to choose a gel-based dentifrice because of its less-abrasive formula. Here’s why:

  • Foamier paste tends to wear away the tooth enamel. This can lead to tooth decay. 
  • Gel-type dentifrice has a gentler impact on tooth enamel. It is more suitable for children, people who have enamel defects, and those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Knowing which works best, depends on an individual’s oral health. Make sure to seek your dentist’s recommendation.

Other Factors to Consider

You now have a better understanding of the differences between a tooth gel or paste. But if there’s one more thing you need to look at, that’s the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

The ADA Seal of Acceptance is given to oral care products that adhere to safety and potency criteria for toothpaste. ADA evaluates products based on: 

  • The fluoride amount
  • The discharge of fluoride within a minute
  • The fluoride absorption by both a healthy and weakened tooth enamel

The program requires that manufacturers comply with the following specifications:

  • All dentifrice with the ADA Seal of Acceptance must have fluoride.
  • Other than fluoride, toothpaste may include additional active ingredients to help:
    • Reduce tooth sensitivity
    • Whiten teeth
    • Reduce tartar build-up or gingivitis
    • Avoid enamel demineralization or bad breath
  • Flavoring factors that contribute to tooth decay, such as sugar, are not allowed in any ADA-Accepted toothpaste.
  • A toothpaste earns the ADA Seal of Acceptance by demonstrating safety and efficacy. The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs thoroughly assesses a product based on the objective qualifications.

To properly care for your teeth, don’t just brush them with whatever’s available. Choose an ADA-accepted toothpaste for safer and effective teeth cleaning. 

Does brand matter?

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