Improving Lives Since 1930

You may not know us, but your dentist does. PRO-SYS®’ parent company, Benco Dental, is one of the industry’s most recognized and forward-thinking companies. We’ve been committed to helping dentists improve patient health for nine decades by delivering everything from leading-edge technology like digital imaging (x-rays) to everyday essentials like sterile gloves.

At PRO-SYS®, we dedicate our time offering a full-range of products including the award-winning VarioSonic® electric toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and more. Each year we strive to offer new products that are designed to improve your oral health.

Family Owned,
So Ideas and Innovation Can Thrive.

Publicly-owned companies focus on quarterly profits and delivering returns to their shareholders. Our focus is on making great products for our customers, and giving our associates a great place to work. Because we choose long-term outlook over short-term profit, we’re free to invest in our people and their ideas.

A Foundation Built On Hard Work and Determination.

Three generations of family owners built our parent company from a small storefront to America’s largest independent dental supplier. The spirit of our founder, Benjamin Cohen, and the lessons we learned across 90 years drive our relentless dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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PRO-SYS® has quickly grown from toothbrushes to a complete oral care brand. We strive to bring you exceptional products by applying our unique emphasis on function, simplicity and quality.

We call that the PRO-SYS® Approach. Put simply, if we can’t make something better, we won’t make it at all. Better design. Better usability. Better value. Better results. Our standards are high, because it’s what you expect.

Please send us a message if you have any comments. We love receiving feedback from our customers. It helps as we design the next generation of PRO-SYS® products.

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Giving Back Is In Our Blood.

We donate at least 5% of profits through our Benco Family Foundation, dedicated to improving the dental health and quality of life in our local communities, and around the world. That includes gifts of over one million PRO-SYS® toothbrushes for those in need. Click here to discover more.

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