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Jessica, RDH, Dr. Mathews

“My patients love their VarioSonic. They like the grip of the handle and that it comes with 5 heads.”

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Sue, Dental Hygienist, Dr. Blackburn's office

“Terrific for families. It has 5 different brush heads.”

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Jane Beeson, RDH

“The VarioSonic brush has been a great tool in helping improving my patients’ home care.”

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Carrie, Dental Assistant
White Sulphur Springs, WV

I love everything about this brush.  I have a small mouth and I love how small and compact the heads are, they fit perfectly.  I also love the built in timer with the different speeds, not to mention you get 5 different brush heads.

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Dr. Tim Casey, DDS, Casey Family Dental

“I’ve been using the VarioSonic toothbrush for about six months now and have seen no discernible drop in performance from the higher priced Sonicare toothbrush I was using previously.”

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Lois, Hygienist
White Sulphur Springs, WV

It’s the best power brush I have ever owned.  It is slimmer and sleeker than both Sonicare and Oral-B, not to mention the heads don’t hold the bacteria and grime the other brushes do.  It just cleans up better. I just love everything about it. I have tried them all and LOVE IT.

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Courtney Evans, Dental Assistant Dental Health Associates of Streetsboro

“Great brush at a great price!”

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Dr. Heather Cadorette
Rockford, MI

I took my brush to Cancun on our team building event without the charger to see how long the battery would last. It’s still going strong!

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Jamie Woods, RDH, Evergreen Dental

“As a longtime Sonicare user I was skeptical at first, but the VarioSonic has outperformed my Sonicare.”

Dr. Jeff Hood
Evergreen Dental

“I prefer this brush to my Sonicare. We’ve made the decision as a practice to stop selling Sonicare altogether because of the VarioSonic brush.”

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Roina, Lead Dental Assistant Peden and Hoffman Orthodontics

“I love the VarioSonic toothbrush because of the 5 different speeds. I show the patients how it works and recommend that patients use speed 1-4 if their teeth are sore from treatment.”

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Dr Ray Duke, DMD, Dr. Ray M. Duke Dentistry

“I can’t say enough about this toothbrush. It has excellent performance and battery life. There are 25 variations of softness and intensity. It is one of the few power toothbrushes that is ADA accepted. I think the biggest thing I like about it is the fact that both the toothbrush and replacement heads are affordable. It really is the best bang for your buck.”

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Krishounda Davis, hygienist

I (we) love the VarioSonic® Powerbrush that was demoed to us.  My patients love it and ask for it by name!

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Lynne Hulen, RDH, Polk County Dental Association

“My patients have commented on the variety and the softness of the brush heads included with the brush. The ultra soft head is great for patients undergoing cancer treatment.”

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Keilani, RDH
Mesquite, NV

I love the VarioSonic® toothbrush. I prefer it over the Sonicare and OralB systems that we offer as well!

I prefer the Hybrid brush the most because it does such a good job cleaning inter-proximal and below the gum line. I’m also grateful that all the brush heads are soft in order to protect the smiles of my patients.

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