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A Happy Mom

My kids are constantly getting sick, especially in the winter and I’ve read you’re your common toothbrush can harbor bacteria and germs, so I’m constantly changing out toothbrushes in fear that my kids are going to spread their sicknesses to one another via their toothbrushes.

Recently, I stumbled upon the “PRO-SYS® Adult Antimicrobial Toothbrush” which is a cutting edge toothbrush that contains Dupont Tynex StaClean with silver and zinc antimicrobial additives that are designed to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. I’m a big silver fan already, so this toothbrush is right up my alley. We use colloidal silver nasal spray at home to help with sinus congestion when my kids get sick. Based on what I’ve researched, colloidal silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative supplement that works against infections. It is said to disable the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. The germs suffocate and die.

The “PRO-SYS” antimicrobial toothbrush features a rubber-free handle designed to keep your toothbrush gunk-free. It’s been clinically proven to harbor 1,500 times less bacteria. Based on the many positive articles that I’ve read online about this toothbrush and the positive reviews, I felt comfortable purchasing this product for myself and my kids. My family loves the fact that for every PRO-SYS toothbrush that is bought, the company in turn will donate a toothbrush to someone in need. We practice and preach “paying it forward” in my family, so we can support and appreciate a company that has the same philosophy.

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Dr. Cindy Wolt, DDS.

The adult version is definitely my favorite manual toothbrush on the market. I love the handle! It is easy to hold and comfortable, the soft bristles get into those hard to reach spaces.

Dr. Joseph Matrullo, DMD

The PRO-SYS® toothbrushes are great! Soft bristles and an ergonomic handle are very comfortable to use.

Dr. Alene D’Alesio, DMD

I loved the PRO-SYS® toothbrush. My initial thoughts were…this could be just another toothbrush. I hate being away from my Sonicare™ when on a trip, so I was more than pleasantly surprised with the toothbrush. Very soft bristles and my teeth felt as clean as they do with my electric toothbrush. Very impressed!