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Power at your fingertips


DupontTM Filaments
Gold standard quality. Five levels of brush softness.

Long Battery Life
More than one month after normal use.

Built-in timer
Reminds you when to switch quadrants. Powers off automatically.

5 Modes, 5 Brush Heads
It's like 25 brushes in one. There's a perfect combo for everyone.

Trusted by Dentists, Hygienists, and You
Dentist recommended. American Dental Association Accepted.
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FEATHER SOFT for the most sensitive teeth and gums. Tapered for gentle cleaning power.


ULTRA SOFT with longer, curved filaments. Slightly stiffer than V105 yet still very gentle.


HYBRID SOFT for the most sensitive teeth and gums. Tapered for gentle cleaning power.


EXTRA SOFT has shorter filaments with gentle curvature.


NORMAL SOFT for those with healthy gums. (Most similar to ‘normal’ manual toothbrushes.)


5 Precision brush heads

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A warm welcome kit

Begin with our two most popular brush heads. Add additional brush heads and accessories anytime. PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® delivers the perfect, essential combination of unique brush heads and five distinct cleaning modes. Mix and match to personalize VarioSonic® for your ideal combination of soft filaments and advanced brush motion. It’s the best electric toothbrush whether you have normal, healthy gums or periodontal issues like sensitive teeth and gums. Get the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted in our most affordable kit.

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