Pro-Sys | Dentist-Approved Toothbrushes & Oral Hygiene Products

Professionally designed. Professionally recommended.

PRO-SYS is made by Benco Dental, proudly serving the dental community since 1930. PRO-SYS toothbrushes and toothpaste have undergone rigorous ADA screening and testing to earn their seal of approval. Our Edison award-winning design aims to bring new solutions to the world of oral care – our adult and junior toothbrushes alone are clinically proven to harbor up to 1500 times less bacteria.

  • Cindy Wolt dentist approved in Johnstown, OH
    Dr. Cindy Wolt, DDS.

    Johnstown, Ohio

    The adult version is definitely my favorite manual toothbrush on the market. I love the handle! It is easy to hold and comfortable, the soft bristles get into those hard to reach spaces.

  • Joseph Matrullo dentist approved in Cranston RH
    Dr. Joseph Matrullo, DMD

    Cranston, Rhode Island

    The PRO-SYS® toothbrushes are great! Soft bristles and an ergonomic handle are very comfortable to use.

  • Alene D’Alesio dentist approved in Pittsburgh, PA
    Dr. Alene D’Alesio, DMD

    Pittsburgh, PA

    I loved the PRO-SYS® toothbrush. My initial thoughts were…this could be just another toothbrush. I hate being away from my Sonicare™ when on a trip, so I was more than pleasantly surprised with the toothbrush. Very soft bristles and my teeth felt as clean as they do with my electric toothbrush. Very impressed!