VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush

Gentle | Effective | Customizable for Every Smile

$79.99 $34.95 + Free Shipping

Choose from 25 Possible Intensities

Select from five unique brush heads and five advanced cleaning modes to discover the most refreshing combination that’s adapted to your smile and sensitivity level.

Experience Clinical-Level Oral Hygiene

Our intelligent sonic toothbrush technology eliminates the guesswork, so you always brush for the right amount of time without exerting excess pressure that can damage teeth and gums.

Great for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

The advanced combination of microprocessor-controlled motion and soft DuPont filaments deliver deep cleaning with total comfort from an easy-to-use automatic toothbrush.

Extra Long Battery Life

Once it’s fully charge, you can use it up to one month under normal use. It’s portable and easy to carry while you are traveling. Comes with a travel case.