Alcohol-Free Dry Mouth Spray

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Struggling with dry mouth? Use PRO-SYS moisturizing dry mouth spray for the immediate relief of dry mouth symptoms. This alcohol and sugar-free spray eases discomfort by promoting saliva flow with just a few spritz. It’s available in a delicious mild mint flavor that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and moist. 

At a Glance Benefits

  • Soothes and moisturizes dry mouth
  • Stimulates saliva flow
  • Fights oral malodor and freshens breath
  • Alcohol-free and sugar-free
  • Portable and discreet to use


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS Alcohol-Free Dry Mouth Spray?

    Fight dry mouth on the go with PRO-SYS Alcohol-Free Dry Mouth Spray. It can be as simple as taking a few seconds to spray your mouth. Use it throughout the day, as often as needed. 

    No More Sting!

    Alcohol causes irritation and dehydration, which can worsen dry mouth and even lead to bad breath. With our spray for dry mouth, you can bid “goodbye” to the sting caused by alcohol, and say “hello” to rehydration!

    No Sugar, No Problem

    Breath sprays with sugar may aggravate cavities and other oral problems. PRO-SYS Mouth Spray offers you protection against bacteria and helps freshen up your mouth.

    The best dry mouth spray provides you convenience, moisture, and fresher breath. If you find yourself asking, “What is the best dry mouth spray?” PRO-SYS Alcohol-Free Dry Mouth Spray is just the right answer. Shop now, and experience better oral health!

  • What's in the Box
    • Sold in a 2fl. oz. bottle


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