Rubber Tipped Latex-Free Interdental Picks

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Try PRO-SYS rubber tipped interdental brush picks and discover a better way to floss. Soft, flexible bristles slide between teeth to help remove food and plaque better than regular floss and manual toothbrushes. Reduce tooth decay, promote healthier gums and prevent gum disease with our soft dental picks. Not made with natural rubber latex. 


  1. Dentist & hygienist recommended
  2. Removes plaque and food debris between teeth
  3. Comfortable rubberized bristles massage to stimulate gums
  4. Safe for orthodontics, implants, bridges, crowns and more
  5. Latex-free
  6. Easy-to-grip handle
  7. Storage case included for use at home, office, anywhere

Sold in packs of 2.



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