Interdental Brushes for Wide and Angled Spaces

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Dentist-recommended PRO-SYS® Tapered Interdental Brushes are specially designed small brushes for thorough cleaning between your teeth that normal toothbrushes and flosses don’t reach. Sized to clean wide spaces and angled to reach back teeth, PRO-SYS® Interdental Brushes are a viable solution for maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Our wide interdental brushes feature a cylindrical design that makes it extra gentle on your gums and superior in providing orthodontic care. Made with DupontTM Bristles, PRO-SYS® Interdental brushes are best for braces and bridges.

At a Glance Benefits

  • Superior cleaning quality and gentle on gums
  • Thoroughly cleans in between teeth, braces, and bridges
  • Reaches back teeth and difficult to access areas
  • Designed for braces, crowns, bridges, and implants

Take good care of your smile on the go with PRO-SYS® Tapered Interdental Brushes. Clean wide and angled interdental spaces or around implants and braces at least once a day to prevent serious dental health problems.


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS® Tapered Interdental Brushes?

    Ordinary brushing doesn’t efficiently remove interproximal plaque, which is why dentists recommend PRO-SYS® Interdental Brushes to help avoid gum disease by getting rid of plaque and food debris between your teeth.

    Reduce Build-Up of Plaque

    Interdental Brushes are more effective than regular floss in reducing the buildup of plaque stuck between your teeth that may cause tooth decay, gum problems, and other systemic diseases. Gently slide PRO-SYS® Interdental Brush on the sides and between the gap of your teeth to remove unwanted food particles, and rinse after each use.

    Maintain Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

    Because of how braces are designed, food particles can easily get stuck between the wire and your teeth. And the longer the food and bacteria stay on your teeth, the higher the chance of getting bad breath, gum problems, and teeth discoloration. Avoid all these and maintain good oral hygiene by using PRO-SYS® Interdental Brush at least once daily.


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