JetFloss Jet Replacement Tip

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The PRO-SYS® JetFloss Jet Replacement Tip outperforms the average floss with how it combs around teeth, scouring food debris even under the gum lines. Expect no accidental gum bleed with this water flosser tip. It delivers the right amount of water pressure to remove food debris lodged between your teeth.  

At a Glance Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comfortably cleans between tight spaces
  • Helps prevent plaque buildup

Product Information

  • Two Jet tips included in one pack

Looking for an alternative to your standard dental floss? Clean between your teeth easily and comfortably with help from the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Jet Replacement Tip.


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Jet Replacement Tip?

    If you’re wondering which water flosser tip is the best fit for you, we recommend the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Jet Replacement Tip. Here’s why:

    Adds Comfort and Convenience to Your Oral Health Routine

    A water flosser tip is much easier to use than string floss because there’s no worry about getting it stuck between your teeth. Aim the water flosser tip in areas you want to clean, and say goodbye to plaque in no time. Tooth decay will have no fighting chance against the PRO-SYS® JetFloss Jet Replacement Tip. 

    Ideal for Sensitive Gums

    The standard type of dental floss would have you weaving a thin strip of nylon between your teeth. For those with sensitive gums, that simple routine causes bleeding gum in an instant. A water flosser tip, on the other hand, will effectively sidestep the problem. The water pressure is tough on plaque but gentle on the mouth. 

    Can Be More Effective Than Floss

    For people with braces or permanent bridges, the recommended water flosser replacement tip is the one only from PRO-SYS®. Available in packs of 2, these water flosser replacement tips can comb around teeth and under the gumline more effectively than plain dental floss. Using the water flosser tip can mimic everyday flossing experience without the constant fear of pushing too hard on your sensitive gums.


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