VarioSonic Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush

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  • Unique, soft StaClean filaments inhibits bacterial growth and removes plaque and debris
  • Long-lasting Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Includes four replacement brush heads
  • Customize your brushing experience with five different gentle cleaning levels
  • ADA Accepted

Get a Power Brush That’s Hard on Bacteria But Gentle on Gums

Did you know that your toothbrush can harbor more than 100 million bacteria? Don’t worry. The VarioSonic Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush can help! With its unique DuPont™ StaClean bristles, this antimicrobial toothbrush can help inhibit 90% of bacteria in your brush that may lead to harmful diseases.

StaClean filaments prevents bacterial growth

Combining the superior cleaning power of an electric toothbrush with the bacteria-inhibiting capabilities of DuPont™ StaClean soft filaments, this antimicrobial toothbrush is your best defense against bacterial infection. It comes with two specialty heads that feature silver and antimicrobial zinc specially designed to inhibit bacteria growth.

Provides a thorough clean

Are you looking for a toothbrush that can get you that dentist-clean feeling at home? This antimicrobial toothbrush is the one for you. Maximize your oral health with a brush that not only helps you deep clean hard-to-reach surfaces.

Long-lasting battery life

Your toothbrush is your first line of defense against gum disease and tooth decay, so having a long-lasting antimicrobial toothbrush can do wonders for your oral health. Charge the VarioSonic overnight and enjoy up to a month’s worth of gentle yet effective cleaning under normal use.

Extra replacement brush heads included

The VarioSonic Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush comes with two replacement brush heads featuring DuPont™ StaClean. Also included: (1) V200M normal soft brush head, and (1) V110 ultra-soft brush head.

Customize your brushing experience with five different cleaning levels

No matter your tooth sensitivity or brushing preference, this antimicrobial toothbrush is for you. Choose from five different brushing modes that allow you to control your brushing experience simply the way you prefer it!

ADA Accepted

Issued by the American Dental Association, the ADA seal is recognized by consumers as a mark of quality and reliability among the many oral care products available in stores and online.

Brush Heads Fit For You


FEATHER SOFT for the most sensitive teeth and gums. Tapered for gentle cleaning power.


ULTRA SOFT with longer, curved filaments. Slightly stiffer than V105 yet still very gentle.


HYBRID SOFT for the most sensitive teeth and gums. Tapered for gentle cleaning power.


EXTRA SOFT has shorter filaments with gentle curvature.


NORMAL SOFT for those with healthy gums. (Most similar to ‘normal’ manual toothbrushes.)


5 Precision brush heads

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