JetFloss™ Water Flosser

5.00 out of 5
6 reviews

Effortless Deep Cleaning – Elevate your oral care routine.

Regular floss is good, the JetFloss oral irrigator is better. It powers away plaque and tiny food particles with a perfectly focused water jet that’s refreshing and invigorating. Recommended by dental professionals and when used prior to brushing, it helps reduce inflammation and the risk of periodontal disease. Freshens breath, too. Quieter and more affordable than the leading brand of Water Flossers. Works well with our VarioSonic electric toothbrush.

Types of Tips included:

JET: Reaches around teeth and under the gumline more effectively than regular dental floss.

ORTHODONTIC: For cleaning around braces, veneers,
partials, implants and other orthodontic appliances.

PERIODONTAL: Massages gums while reaching gently into pockets.

TONGUE: Helps freshen breath and remove bacteria.

Please read entire instruction manual before use. Questions? Get in touch:


  • Product Features
    • Dentist recommended
    • Cleans deep, removes food debris in hard-to-reach places
    • Helps prevent gum and periodontal disease like gingivitis
    • Gentle, quiet yet powerful—invigorates and refreshes
    • Perfect for cleaning around braces, veneers and other orthodontic appliances
    • Easy to use & clean
    • Keeps breath fresh
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 PRO-SYS JetFloss Water Flosser
    • 12 tips for multiple uses/users
    • Quick Start guide
    • Personalizing Your JetFloss guide
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6 reviews for JetFloss™ Water Flosser

  1. Dawn Jacobs

    This water flosser is awesome! The tank holds so much water I feel I get a great clean without refilling. It comes with lots of tips. The pressure can be adjusted, but I use the highest setting and love the feel on my gums and it gets out lots of gunk!

  2. Colette Wintersteen

    Works great with lots of tip options to choose from. Makes my teeth feel amazing!

  3. Noelle Rittenhouse

    Love this water flosser! I love the different tips that come with it! My teeth and gums feel amazing after I am done. This is definitely worth a try!

  4. Kathleen Bird

    Love love love the JetFloss Water Flosser. I use it twice a day and my oral health has increased dramatically. The different tips allow me to clean and refresh my mouth and the nasal tip is great when I am sick.

  5. Talina Anthony

    I love the jet flosser. I recommend it for everyone I know!!! It comes with 12 tips and does an amazing job!!

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