About Us

In 2011, we searched for a better brush to offer our core customers—dental professionals—so they, in turn, could send patients home with one. We visited manufacturers as far away as China, Israel and India. Long story short: we didn’t find it. So we decided to create one. Instead of looking at the competition, we started with a clean sheet of paper. We asked our designers to imagine: What if you’d never seen a toothbrush before? How would you make one?

That marked the beginning of a three-year journey.

Pro-Sys manual toothbrush design concepts

We set to work with two non-negotiable goals: excellence in clinical efficacy, and beautiful simplicity in design.

A clean toothbrush is a healthy toothbrush, so ours is Designed for Clean™ from top to bottom.  Thanks to a unique and purposeful form factor, it’s clinically proven to be 1500 times cleaner than other toothbrushes.

Our handle’s gently chiseled shape falls effortlessly into the hand while allowing it to focus on the sensation of brushing.

For bristles, we turned to DuPont™. Why not design our own? We considered it, but DuPont™ are the inventors of the nylon bristle. Their products are born from years of research and experience. For the same reason car manufacturers buy tires instead of making their own, we decided to buy the very best bristles from a specialist.

There’s more to the story, but we’d rather you experience the results of our hard work by trying a PRO-SYS® toothbrush.

PRO-SYS® has quickly grown from toothbrushes to a complete oral care brand. We strive to bring you exceptional products by applying our unique emphasis on function, simplicity and quality.

We call that the PRO-SYS® Approach. Put simply, if we can’t make something better, we won’t make it at all. Better design. Better usability. Better value. Better results. Our standards are high, because it’s what you expect.

Please send us a message if you have any comments. We love receiving feedback from our customers. It helps as we design the next generation of PRO-SYS® products.