How To Choose the Best Dental Water Flosser

Brushing comes second nature to most people, but when it comes to flossing, it’s a different story altogether. People seem to dismiss traditional flossing as a tedious, unnecessary, and painful part of oral hygiene. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, can offer the advantages of flossing without the hassle or irritation that comes with string floss. These electric flossers are like power washers that spray water into your mouth to eliminate plaque, food debris, and bacteria, leaving you a fresh-from-the-dentist mouthfeel.

They benefit people with orthodontics, sensitive gums, and dry mouths, but anyone who wants a deep dental clean can benefit from water flossers. 

However, with so many options on the market, choosing the best one can be tricky. Here’s a list of non-negotiable features to help you pick the best dental water flosser. 

8 Must-Have Features for the Best Dental Water Flosser

1. It comes with different tips for all your cleaning needs. 

Versatility is essential when it comes to choosing the best dental water flosser. It should be able to address all your dental cleaning needs, from plaque removal to fresher breath. The key to achieving this is a wide range of tips that each has its unique use.

  • Jet – This tip type is perfect for regular use. It works best in removing plaque and debris.
  • Orthodontic – This tip is specifically designed to maneuver braces, veneers, and other orthodontic appliances. It can deeply clean teeth without damaging your orthodontics.
  • Periodontal – This is used to care for your patient’s gumline. It reaches deeply into periodontal (gum) pockets to massage and clean gums.
  • Tongue – This tip is best used for fresher breath and mouthfeel. It should be gentle enough for the sensitive surface of the tongue. At the same time, its flushing action should be strong enough to remove bad-breath-causing bacteria.

Since each one comes with a particular use, you may need more than one type of tip when flossing.

The best dental water flosser allows you to switch from one tip to the next without the need for any tools. Its tight-grip wand prevents slippage while its eject button helps users remove tips with just a click, so you can replace them as you need, hassle-free.  

2. It allows you to control the water pressure intensity based on your needs and preferences.

There is no cookie-cutter formula when it comes to the ideal water pressure intensity. The bottom line is to create a customizable dental cleaning experience for every user.  

The best dental water flosser uses pressure intensity settings that help you easily adjust the pressure according to what you need. A simple mechanism allows you to ramp up the pressure for maximum effectiveness and dial it back if you feel discomfort.

3. Its concentrated water jet can blast even the most stubborn plaque and tiniest particles away. 

Brushing alone is not enough for a deep dental clean. Over time, plaque and food particles will build up between and around your teeth, forming calcified deposits that coat your teeth, known as tartar. The longer you go without flossing, the harder it gets to remove them. 

Fortunately, you can quickly blast these away using water flossers. The best dental water flosser powers a pressurized water jet that flushes directly between your teeth to eliminate bacteria, food debris, plaque, and even tartar, leaving you with fresher breath and a deep clean mouthfeel. 

4. It has a 360-degree control ring that maneuvers the direction of the water jet for a dental deep clean. 

Dexterity and gag reflex often gets in the way of flossing hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, especially your back teeth. 

A water flosser is perfect for you if you suffer from these issues. The best dental water flosser comes with a 360-degree control ring that directs the water jet to reach all parts of your mouth from all angles. 

This feature is excellent for cleaning around orthodontic appliances that act as barriers to a deep dental clean. The control ring enables you to maneuver brackets, wires, and veneers, effectively dislodging and flushing away plaque without damaging dental hardware.    

5. It can remove plaque and debris from the tightest spaces, without damaging your teeth or harming your gum line.   

Traditional floss may not be enough when plaque and food debris are hidden in tight spaces. Thankfully, you can reach between your teeth and along your gum line with the help of water flossers. 

Unlike traditional floss, the best dental water flosser massages your periodontal (gum) pockets without the risk of bleeding and inflammation. Cleaning these often overlooked spaces improves your gum’s health and reduces the risk of gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.   

6. Its power tube makes it gentle and quiet, but still powerful. 

Loud noises may be a common concern among water flossers, but this shouldn’t be a problem with the best dental water flosser. 

Top-of-the-line flossers feature power tubes that can minimize machine noise without affecting your flosser’s strength. Designers use cutting-edge technology to integrate these into compact, lightweight models that can still operate quietly for your enhanced flossing experience.      

7. It has a special internal anti-leakage design.

Leaks are a significant inconvenience to water flossers. For one, these can create messes. Spillage can also quickly drain your tank and reduce flossing time. 

This is why the best dental water flosser needs to have an internal anti-leakage mechanism. This will prevent leaks from your water tank and hose and protect your flosser from any hardware damage caused by leaks.  

8. Since it works even with tap water, there is no need for additional liquids.

The best dental water flosser should work fine with just tap water. There is no need for distilled water, demineralized water, or other special liquids. 

However, if you live in an area that has hard water, remember to clean your machine more often to avoid deposits. These can accumulate in your flosser and cause it to weaken water pressure. Hard water deposits can also gather inside the flossing tip which could also weaken your flosser’s pressure. 

If you want to optimize the benefits of your flosser, you can infuse mouthwash with water for your flosser to prevent bad breath and gum diseases. 

Benefits of Using a Dental Water Flosser

Water flossing shouldn’t be considered a substitute for regular brushing. Nevertheless, it is still an integral part of your oral hygiene. Like brushing, it comes with essential benefits for your dental and periodontal health. 

Less Abrasive Than Conventional Floss

String floss might not be for you if you have sensitive gums prone to cuts and abrasions.

Water flossers are a less abrasive alternative that won’t lead to bleeding and swelling. Instead of scraping your gum line, water flossers gently but effectively massage your periodontal pockets without the pain and discomfort of regular string floss. The best dental water flossers also enable you to control the water pressure based on your sensitivity and comfort levels. 

Boosts Overall Gum Health

Dental professionals recommend water flossers to people who show early signs or a history of gum disease because research found that it can effectively decrease inflammation and bleeding.

Unlike traditional floss, water flossers can deeply penetrate the tissue pockets of your gums where bacteria hide away. Massaging also helps stimulate cell growth and promotes better circulation in our gums. 

Ideal for Orthodontics

Flossing can be challenging for people with orthodontics, with debris getting stuck behind brackets, along wires, and around orthodontic appliances.

This debris will turn into plaque and eventually harden into tartar. If left untreated, this could lead to serious dental and gum diseases. Water flossers can help you get ahead of the problem. Water flossers can reach deep into challenging areas and strip plaque and tartar from your dental hardware in just a few seconds. 

Fresher Breath, Deep Clean Mouth-Feel

Our mouths are breeding grounds for bacteria. 

While floss can remove food debris and some plaque, there’s no guarantee that it can eliminate the invisible bad-breath-causing bacteria in your mouth. Water flossers are specifically designed to reduce the risk of halitosis, tooth decay, and other oral problems by targeting these bacteria.  

Why Is the JetFloss Water Flosser The Best Dental Water Flosser on the Market? 

From giving you fresh breath and a cooling sensation to removing stubborn plaque and food debris, the JetFloss Water Flosser from PRO-SYS can do it all. It comes with all the features of the best dental water flosser but at a competitive price. For a lightweight, compact model, it’s packed with lots of power. 

Prosys has a selection of water flossers and electric toothbrushes that will tick off all your boxes regarding performance, affordability, ease of use, and satisfaction.

Brushing comes second nature to most people, but when it comes to flossing, it’s a different story altogether. People seem to dismiss traditional flossing as a tedious, unnecessary, and painful part of oral hygiene.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators, can offer the advantages of flossing without […]

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