VarioSonic Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush

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Hate germs, love fresh breath? The PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush is designed for you. Our bacteria-resistant kit comes with two specialty heads that feature silver and antimicrobial zinc to prevent bacteria growth. You’ll also receive one each of our normal soft and ultra soft replacement heads to match your brushing sensitivity.

All brush heads have DuPont StaClean filaments designed to inhibit bacteria, helping to improve your overall oral health. Get a dentist-like clean that prevents the build-up of bacteria with our PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush.

At a Glance Benefits

  • Antimicrobial bristles designed to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Includes 4 replacement brush heads
  • Long-lasting rechargeable toothbrush for adults
  • Also useful as a power brush for implants

Product Information

Your toothbrush should help you remove bacteria from your mouth and not add more to it. Brush with ease with PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush, and get the most of your oral care.


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush?

    Did you know that your toothbrush harbors bacteria twice as fast after you brush your teeth? A toothbrush with DuPont StaClean antimicrobial bristles helps eliminate 90% of bacteria in your brush that may lead to harmful diseases.

    Get a Power Brush That’s Gentle on Gums, Not Bacteria

    We combine the superior cleaning power of an electric toothbrush with the bacteria-inhibiting capabilities of DuPont StaClean soft filaments to maximize your dentist-clean feeling. The result is an electric power brush that removes and defends against harmful bacteria while providing a gentle clean for healthy or sensitive teeth and gums.

    Maximize your Oral Health with an Electric Toothbrush that Defends Against Bacteria

    Maintaining good oral hygiene doesn’t feel like a chore with a brush you love, and there’s a lot to love about this electric toothbrush. Antimicrobial bristles protect you from cavities, gum disease, and more. When you put your toothbrush down, the filaments continue to fend off bacteria growth, so you have zero worries when it’s time to brush again.

    Protect Your Dental Implants with a Quality Antimicrobial Electric Toothbrush

    The goal of oral hygiene for dental implants is to prevent infections, which can be done by adhering to proper dental implant care and maintenance routines. Take the next step in your oral health journey by switching to the antimicrobial power brush for implants offered by PRO-SYS®. With this toothbrush, you can prevent harmful bacteria from forming in your mouth while ensuring a thorough clean for your teeth and dental implants.

  • Product Features
    Brush Heads included:

    V200A ANTIMICROBIAL: Contains silver and antimicrobial zinc designed to prevent the growth of bacteria.

    V200M: NORMAL SOFT: For those with healthy gums.  (This brush most closely matches ‘normal’ soft manual toothbrushes.)

    V110: ULTRA SOFT: Slightly stiffer than our V105 Feather Soft, yet still very gentle.

    • Broadest array of replacement brush heads
    • Five brushing modes
    • DuPont™ filaments: the standard for dental brush bristles
    • Automatic timer
    • Long battery life: up to one month before charging
    • ADA Accepted & 1 year warranty
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 VarioSonic power toothbrush
    • 1 USB charging cord*
    • 2 V200A antimicrobial brush heads
    • 1 V200M normal soft brush head
    • 1 V110 Ultra Soft brush head
    • Quick Start Guide & Personalizing your VarioSonic Guide
    • Valuable money saving coupons

    *note: A/C Adapter not included.

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