VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth

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Still using a manual toothbrush with stiff bristles? Time to make the switch. Minimize tooth sensitivity with the PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Sensitive Electric Toothbrush! This rechargeable toothbrush for sensitive teeth and gums provides gentle yet effective cleaning. With its focus on extra comfort and safety, this product can also be used effectively as a power brush for implants.

Like the best power toothbrushes in the market, it has a built-in automatic timer that lets you know when you’re done. Our best-rated electric toothbrush also comes with a range of replaceable brush heads for a comfortable brushing experience.

At a Glance Benefits

  • Maximum control with five different brushing modes
  • Built-in, automatic timer
  • Rechargeable batteries and long battery life
  • Can also be used as a power brush for implants

Product Information


  • Why Choose PRO-SYS

    Why Choose the PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Sensitive Electric Toothbrush?

    Upgrade your daily oral care routine with the best power toothbrush on the market. Our battery-operated toothbrush for sensitive teeth provides superior cleaning while remaining extra-delicate to your teeth and gums. It’s as if you’ve had a professional cleaning.

    Say Goodbye to Bleeding Gums!

    Prevent enamel erosion, dental injury, and gum recession. Our electric toothbrush for receding gums uses soft-impact bristles, giving your pearly whites a spotless clean without applying pressure.

    Customize Your Brushing Experience

    Take charge of your personal oral health needs. With three replaceable brush heads and five brushing modes, you have the power to choose the brushing style that you’re most comfortable with.

    Step Up Your Dental Implant Care and Maintenance Routine

    Are you searching for a safe and gentle electric toothbrush for implants? PRO-SYS® has you covered. With this toothbrush, you can ensure that your teeth, gums, and implants stay strong and healthy without fearing any pain or discomfort while brushing.

    Discover why the VarioSonic® is a must-buy electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth and gums. Shop now and feel the difference!

  • Product Features
    Brush Heads included:

    V105 FEATHER SOFT:  Tapered for gentle cleaning power.

    V200M: NORMAL SOFT: For those with healthy gums (This brush most closely matches ‘normal’ soft manual toothbrushes).

    V110: ULTRA SOFT: Slightly stiffer than our V105 Feather Soft, yet still very gentle.

    • Broadest array of replacement brush heads
    • Five brushing modes
    • DuPont™ filaments: the standard for dental brush bristles
    • Automatic timer
    • Long battery life: up to one month before charging
    • ADA Accepted & 1 year warranty
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 VarioSonic electric toothbrush
    • 1 USB charger
    • 3 V105 feather so brush heads
    • 1 V200M normal soft brush head
    • 1 V110 ultra soft brush head
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